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Landlords, get your buy to let property ready for rent with our top tips. When it comes to getting your buy to let property ready to rent, there are a number of top tips for landlords to bear in mind. While there is a high level of demand for rental accommodation, the more you do to make your home appealing to tenants, the more likely it is that you will let your property quickly and receive a higher level of rental income.

Have the property thoroughly cleaned One of the most popular tips for a landlord in making their property ready for rent is to ensure that it is spotlessly clean. If this requires hiring a professional cleaning firm, this is an investment that will provide a good return. A clean and spotless home is welcoming and it will help a tenant to picture themselves living in the property.

There is also the added bonus that a tenant is more likely to keep a clean home in clean condition. Studies indicate that if a home is messy or untidy, there is less of an incentive for a tenant to improve the condition of the property; in fact, they may feel that because the landlord doesn't seem too interested in maintaining a clean and tidy home, they shouldn't either. Conversely, if a tenant moves into an extremely clean property, they will be more likely to maintain this standard of cleanliness. This means that in the long term, paying for a thorough clean of the property can save money while maintaining the condition of the property in the longer term.

Try to create as much space as possible One of the most common pieces of advice you will hear from property specialists is the need for space, and this is as true as it is for potential tenants as it is for potential buyers. More space can add value to a home but it can also increase the amount of money people would be willing to pay on rent each month, so make sure that you declutter as much as possible while adding storage solutions.

If you can't actually create more space, consider creating the illusion of space. A great way to achieve this is through adding mirrors to the property, especially in the hall. This will make the property look larger and more spacious.Remove your personal artefacts

Remove your personal artefacts If you are looking to convince people that they should stay in your property, you need to make them feel as though they can imagine themselves living in the property. This can be difficult if you have a number of personal belongings or artefacts around the home, so before you conduct viewings or share images of your property, you should create a blank canvas. Even if you have to place these items into storage, the money that you spend in taking this step is likely to increase the chances of letting the home quickly and for a better price, so it is money that should provide you with a sensible return.

Promote the benefits of your local area When it comes to attracting people to your buy to let property, make sure you know what is attractive about the local area. Things that people are looking for close to a property include schools and transport hubs or stations. If you are located close to these facilities, make sure that they feature as a prominent part of your promotional activities. Given that a study undertaken by a leading property specialist stated that 34% of potential tenants would like to live within 500m of a transport hub and 78% would prefer to be located within 1km of a train station or bus stop, this is a feature that is hugely important to potential tenants. A separate study by another property specialist suggested that 48% of couples who had children stated that it was essential to find a property located to a school with a good reputation and that 42% of respondents said they would be happy to pay more in rent to be located within the catchment area or short distance from a reputable school. While this is something that landlords should strongly consider before investing in a particular property, it is a feature that should be strongly mentioned when promoting the home.

Choose between furnished and unfurnished With a furnished flat, you need to spend money to provide the furniture and you can see why some landlords would be against this. They may argue that providing an unfurnished flat is better for people who already have furniture that they want to bring with them. However, a furnished flat can help a tenant to save money at the point of moving in (as they don't need to buy furniture for themselves), and this means that they would be happy to pay slightly more in rent each month, so in the long term, the initial investment in furniture can pay off for a landlord. It is important to be aware that good quality furniture can be obtained from various places these days, so there is no need to spend a considerable amount of money to entice people to the property. These are all strong tips that a landlord should consider when looking to make their buy to let property rent ready.

Published on 18 July 2017

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