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  • Grow up!
    If you don't have a lot of space, think about how you can best utilise the space you do have and for many city gardens, this means growing up. If you can add window sill boxes or hanging baskets to your property, do so because this will allow you to grow something even in the most limited of spaces. You should also be able to grow plants like creepers or trailers up your walls. The positive thing from taking this approach comes with drawing people's view upwards, which helps to make the garden seem bigger than it really is. If you have the space to add a tree or two, do so. Again, tress grow upwards, so this will help to draw attention in that direction but a well-placed tree or two can add a touch of privacy or protection from the elements in your garden, making it a smart choice.

  • Welcome wildlife
    Even if you don't have a lot of room in your garden, you can make it very useful by setting it up so it attracts wildlife. You may think that people living in the heart of the city won't have much wildlife passing by but a bird box or a feeding station can see your garden being used by birds, bees and even butterflies if you plant the right flowers alongside your accessories.

  • Add some furniture
    Okay, you may not have a lot of room to grow plants and flowers but if you can add a table and some chairs, you have everything you need to create a social hub for yourself, your friends and family members. If you use foldable tables and chairs, you can actually remove these accessories when not in use, which means that you are not further limiting the amount of space that you have available at home.

  • Add a fountain or water feature
    Just because you don't have a lot of space at home doesn't mean that you cannot add some stylish accessories. You'll be surprised at the affordable nature and easy to set up capabilities of some fountains or water features. If you are looking to be adventurous in your city garden, this is a more unique way to do so. There is no need to think that a lack of space or city living can limit your options for creating a stylish garden. When you're looking to have a positive impact in a small space, these garden tips will give you a great starting point.

  • Published on 28 April 2017

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