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A Good Investment? When it comes to investing in property, there is a need to carry out a good level of research. An investor or landlord may have personal reasons for investing in an area but there needs to be strong financial reasoning behind a purchase. Seven Kings in the London Borough of Redbridge offers plenty of strong reasons for people to live in the local area, and thankfully, the financial figures related to investment in the area provide an incentive to invest in this part of the English capital. As of September 2017, the average value for property in Seven Kings stands at £397,059. In the past year, the average price paid for property in Seven Kings stands at £385,063 while the average price paid for Seven Kings property in the past six months stands at £397,717. It isn't always wise to look at average property prices in a short period of time because outliers can cause a difference to the figures, and this can be seen in the fact that the average price paid in Seven Kings in the last three months stands at £413,374. This may look as though prices are on the rise in Seven Kings, which they ultimately are, but probably not by the margin suggested by these individual average prices. However, there is no denying that places like Seven Kings are gaining far more attention in the London property market as buyers look for better value for money.

Seven Kings provides a good return on investment When it comes to determining if an area offers good value for an investment, the price of property is important but it is essential to consider the expected rental yield. In Seven Kings, there is a strong level of rental yield expected and this can be seen with the return for a one bedroom property. Any investor or landlord looking at the expected rental yield in Seven Kings will be pleased to see that a one bedroom property offers a return of 7.25%. This is definitely the sort of return that would get most buyers interested, and the rest of the property types in the area offer a good return too. A two bedroom property offers an expected rental yield of 6.78%, a three bedroom property in Seven Kings provides an expected rental yield of 5.64% and there is an expected rental yield of 4.99% available from a four bedroom property. Even a five bedroom property in Seven Kings represents a good investment as this carries an expected rental yield of 5.1%.

There is short and long term returns on offer in Seven Kings With many investors suggesting that a return of 4% is a great starting point for property investment, the returns on offer in this part of the country should be appealing to the majority of investors. There are understandably doubts and concerns over the value for money on offer in the London property market but the figures associated with Seven Kings should suggest that there is plenty of scope to make a great return on any investment in the short and long term. One aspect that Seven Kings has in its favour is the fact that Seven Kings railway station operates to and from Liverpool Street Station. This journey takes around 16 minutes so it is possible to commute into the heart of London, and beyond, in not much time at all. There is certainly a great deal of importance placed on transport options when considering a location to live. While there are many great areas in London, the facilities in the local area and the expected return on investment marks Seven Kings out as a place that investors should hold a serious interest in.

Autumn Garden Tips To Sell Your Home Fast The traditional peak season of the property market is spring with autumn coming in second place. It used to be that the market would noticeably dip in summer and winter but of course, with there being such a high level of demand for property these days, and online property portals providing constant access, the UK property market is very much a year round process. Autumn remains a popular time of year to sell property and if you are looking to sell your home soon, or even in the beginning of 2018, there are some autumn garden tips to sell your home fast.

Take good care of your lawn Your lawn is one of the most important aspects of the property and autumn is a good time to deal with it, especially if it looks worn out or a little bare after summer. It may be that your garden has issues with aeration or drainage, and a good tip for dealing with these problems is to use a garden fork to dig holes into your lawn at regular intervals. These holes should be deep, down about 10cm or so, and you can use some force when digging these holes. This may be therapeutic for some gardeners but knowing that you are creating a better looking lawn is the most important aspect for most home owners.

Build better borders You want your garden to look as big as possible and one way in which you can achieve this is to utilise borders as much as you can. A visual border is a great way to separate your garden and this creates a visual trick that makes the garden area look bigger when people first look at it. A good way to separate the separate areas while also ensuring your garden is better protected over the winter months is to use bark chips to create a border.

Plant some seasonal flowers In autumn, you will find that this is a great time to be out with the old and in with the new when it comes to your garden. If you have seasonal or annual flowers that are past their best, remove them and you can add them to your compost heap. You should then consider planting new flowers and plants and the time your home is on the market will impact on what you should choose. If you are looking to sell your home in winter, choose evergreen plants that thrive in colder conditions and which will add a sense of colour and vitality to your garden area. Options like Camellias, Daphne, Fatsia or Sarcococca are all fantastic options to have in your garden in time for winter. If you are looking to sell your home in spring, winter bedding plants are a smart option and you should add wallflowers or pansies to your garden. You want to create a strong first impression and the colour and condition of your garden has a big role to play in pleasing potential buyers, so give yourself the best chance of appealing to people.

Add some accessories You may be thinking that you don't have a big garden area or that you don't have a lot of time to care for your garden. It may even be that you are not "green fingered" and that you are concerned about working in the garden. Adding a few bright and colourful accessories can make a massive difference when it comes to tending to your garden, and will help your home stand out from the crowd. Having something floral and appealing by the front door should ensure that there is a warm welcome for every visitor and guest. At the very least, make sure your garden area is clean and well-ordered in autumn, which will create a better impression and will also make it easier to maintain over the autumn and winter. The autumn is a very popular time of year to sell property, so make sure that you present your home in the best manner. Following these autumn gardening tips should help you to wow potential buyers at this time of year.

Published on 18 September 2017

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